雇佣IT人员公司. provides a rewarding career and provides excellent benefits to H1B Non-Immigrant Workers. 读 员工福利!

If you need more information, please speak to a HR Specialist at (833) h1b签证
(833) 412-8472

Our expert HR Specialists will work with you for a smoother Transition from your present H1B Employer, we will negotiate with your Client or Vendor to move your Project to our Company. We have expertise in professionally handling Billing/Project Transfers and the entire H1B转移 Process from Purchase Order through H1B Approval.

雇佣IT人员公司. does not require any employee to sign long-term Contracts. If situation changes and you have to resign from our Company, we will ensure to provide necessary Employment Verification and Experience letters immediately. However we retain records for over 5 Years, you may contact us anytime to obtain records.

请解释H1B签证申请流程和担保? Upon acceptance of Employment; we will initiate an LCA (Labor Condition Application) with the USDOL for the actual location of work. LCA过程需要7(7)天, during this period we obtain documents from you to initiate H1B Petition with the USCIS. We will send the completed H1B Visa Petition package to USCIS immediately upon approval of LCA via over-night delivery.

Our on-time H1B visa filing will provide relief from any gaps in your H1B status. Our Company has good Track record with USCIS and our detailed documentation ensures H1B approvals, our expertise ensures that your H1B转移 or H1B Extension goes as expected, 同时遵守法律. Our documentation covers every aspect of H1B Employer-Employee Relationship Memo, 同时遵守USDOL和USCIS法律.

客户信问题怎么办? 在没有最终客户信函的情况下, we will take extra care to send supporting evidence/documentation to USCIS to get an H1B Approval. We can always submit other evidence to support the petition, when a Client/Vendor does not cooperate with the required paper work. Yes, even if Client/Vendor is unable to provide any bridge documentation. USCIS does not deny H1B Visa petition just because there is no Client letter. The burden of proof remains on the petitioner and we provide proper evidence to get an H1B Approval.

The USCIS rescinds the above requirement in a recent Memo.


文件副本怎么办? We will provide copies of every document in your Employment file, 所有文件将被上传到一个安全的服务器, including FedEx/USPS Tracking Numbers and/or Delivery Confirmations.

If you are all set to move to our Company, please get all documents ready. You may find the H1B转移 Documents Checklist by clicking this Link H1B文件清单 -还需要学习更多,继续阅读...


  • 我们保持一切透明-句号.
  • We are experts in performing a smooth and worry free H1B转移 Process
  • We always Comply with the USCIS and USDOL, H1B Regulations
  • We have over 10 Years of Expertise in properly filing H1B, I-129 Visa Petitions with the USCIS
  • We always maintain H1B Employer-Employee Relationship with our Employees
  • We Maintain LCA Public Access Files and other documentation


  • Your H1B转移 regular filing fee is borne by the Company
  • We provide a 24X 7 Toll-Free Hotline, support system, chat and email support
  • All phone call and emails are always answered, irrespective of nature of request. We understand that most issues can only be resolved by proper Communication.
  • We initiate Employment based Green Card Process to all eligible employees by complying with USDOL and USCIS regulation almost from the first day of your employment.
  • 雇佣IT人员公司 .,你会得到很好的照顾. is an American owned Established Employer with Direct Clients
  • Bi-weekly Payroll Process via direct deposit provided to our Employees.

H1B签证盖章怎么办? We are experienced in providing proper documentation as required by the US Consulates for H1B Visa Stamping, 尤其是美国驻印度领事馆, 美国驻墨西哥领事馆, 美国驻加拿大领事馆. We ensure you secure an H1B Visa stamping when you are required to travel. 如果你的护照上已经有有效的H1B章, you don't have to stamp when your H1B is transferred to our Company.

如果我的项目结束了怎么办? 我们从不关心市场状况, 安排候选人是我们的主要工作, immigration is only a benefit you will obtain with your Employment, we begin marketing at least a month in advance to make sure there are no gaps between projects. 也, 记住, we have our own Clients and we work in a Top Vendor Network, chances are you might get quickly hired by one of our Direct Clients.

  • 我们有直接客户和合同与顶级供应商
  • 经验丰富、积极进取的营销团队
  • 经验丰富的客户经理
  • 经验丰富的技术招聘人员
  • Dedicated personnel for Professional/Social Networking, we leverage the power of Social Media
  • Good relationships with Hiring Managers and Corporate Recruiters
  • Referrals from Employees and Contractors on new Jobs at their Client sites

Continue to 读 about PERM and Employment based Green Card process


在Hire IT People公司. we strongly believe in long-term relationships with our IT contractors. 我们在你订婚期间与你沟通, provide on job Support if needed and work with you in finding new Projects. 如果你因为任何原因决定离开我们, we will just stay in touch with you for future Project/Employment opportunities.


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